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EN  Switzerland

    Artikel-Nr.: 37127
    composer: Vejvoda Jaromir
    arranger: Sunde Inge
    size: Large Format (A4 portrait)
    difficulty level: 3
    • Polkas
    also available for
    "Beer Barrel Polka" got the Golden Record award in the USA with one million records sold with the 1938 recording of W. Glahe's accordion orchestra. Roll out the beer barrels and have fun with this flexible arrangement. Sunde achieved his formal musical education at the Bergen lærerhøgskole and the University of Oslo. After finishing his education, he has worked as a teacher and educator at various levels such as primary school, high school and music school. Sunde has been conductor and band-leader of several concert bands, brassbands and jazz ensembles since 1981. On the band side, he has been initator and responsible for several projects focusing on rhythmic music and improvisation. Besides his career on the educational side, Sunde is also active as freelance trumpet-player.Inge Sunde started Noteservice’ first series of arrangements for flexible instrumentation named ShowBlow. This serie is today the largest one of music for flexible instrumentation in Norway. After the introduction in 1993, he has published more than 50 of his arrangement in the ShowBlow serie.

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