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    composer: Kofler Armin
    duration: 12:00 min.
    size: Large Format (A4 portrait)
    classification: Swiss Band Association 2nd section
    difficulty level: 4
    • Original Works & Contest Pieces
    year of publication: 2018
    price:    U
    The mesozoic period was the heyday of dinosaurs. Even today, these extraordinary and multi-faceted creatures still impress young and old. In each of the four movements of the work an extraordinary representative of it is described.
    Grex Brachiosaurum («The herd of brachiosauric acid»)
    We are in the midst of a herd of giant brachioacids. Even if these heavy herbivores were not the brightest heads, they impress by their sheer size when they pass slowly under dull stomping to disappear slowly in the distance. The movement also introduces the leitmotif that accompanies us throughout the entire work.
    Saltatio Compsognathorum («The Dance of the Compsognathors»)
    In this lively phrase we encounter Compsognathus, one of the smallest known species of dinosaurs. At the beginning of the movement, a single representative of these lively guys scurries through the primeval forests, but little by little other fellows join in, until finally a whole herd has gathered, which disappears immediately also again in the bushes.
    Volatus Pteranodontis («The Flight of Pteranodon»)
    Considering the fauna at that time, airspace was probably one of the few places where it was relatively quiet. In this sentence we accompany Pteranodon, a representative of the flying dinosaurs, as he elegantly and majestically uses the thermals to glide across endless wilderness, waters and deserts.
    Introitus Regis («The King›s Appearance»)
    Of course, the king of the dreadful lizards is not to be missed. This sentence is dedicated to the most famous representative of the predatory dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. His threatening presence can be felt at the beginning of the movement, and it doesn’t take long before he breaks out of the bushes and inevitably begins his hunt...

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