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    composer: Roh Julien
    duration: 07:35 min.
    size: Large Format (A4 portrait)
    classification: Swiss Band Association 2nd section
    difficulty level:
    • Concert Pieces
    • Original Works & Contest Pieces
    year of publication: 2013
    price:    R
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    " There was once ...- a king!, my little readers will cry out immediately. No, children, you're confusing yourselves! There was once a piece of wood " and so the story begins. Geppetto, a poor Italian carpenter, fashions a puppet from a piece of wood and calls it Pinocchio. Pinocchio dreams of exploring the world and becoming a real boy. He is disobedient, does what he wants and his nose becomes longer with every lie that he tells. After many adventures he transforms one day into a real boy.

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