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EN  Switzerland

    Artikel-Nr.: 27482
    composer: Doss Thomas
    year of publication: 2004
    duration: 02:30 min.
    size: Large Format (A4 portrait)
    difficulty level: 3
    • Polkas
    year of publication: 2004
    In the somewhat sarcastic Scherzpolka (Joke Polka), the composer does not intend to make fun of Alpine traditions and music but rather of the typical social attitude that does not always do justice to the valuable folk music and culture. Imagine a band that has to play in a beer tent for hours. During the performance the guests treat the musicians to one beer after another. Gradually, the players and the conductor lose control over their instruments and their interpretation of the music. Finally, the performance comes to an end: the Scherzpolka is actually the last piece. There are no limits to the creativity in both the visual and musical aspects during a performance of the Scherzpolka!

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