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EN  Switzerland

    Artikel-Nr.: 29924
    composer: Mario Bürki
    year of publication: 2019
    duration: 12:00 min.
    size: Large Format (A4 portrait)
    difficulty level: 5
    • Original Works & Contest Pieces
    year of publication: 2019
    price:    Z2
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    Terezín is a fortress built by the Enlightenment ruler Josef II and although the building named after his mother Maria Theresa was supposed to be used for defence, it paradoxically became infamous first of all as a prison, and later during World War Two as a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp.
    The many memorials and museums are depressing, intense, sad and ispire to reflect. But the spaciousness and size is also impressive and intense.
    My work Terezin tries to reproduce these moods, which I was able to experience myself during a visit in spring 2018. It became very clear to me how cruel people were treated here. I would like to believe that it is worth honouring the history of those who have been lost and that humanity will strive to avoid such malignancy.

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